I have been using the meal prep services from On The Mark Meals during my training for the 2017 CrossFit Games. The meals have all been delicious and the pre calculated macros make it easy for me to track and keep my nutrition on point.

Brad Robinson
2017 CrossFit Games Masters Athlete

If you’ve been searching for a prepared meals service look no further than On The Mark Meals. I’m a box owner and mom of two so life gets very hectic. Knowing I have meals in the fridge that I can just pop into the microwave eases my stress levels tremendously! The meals are organic, meet my protein, carb and fat needs and are delicious! Mark is the whole package. Not only can you expect flavorful meals, you can also expect superior customer service.

Jen Grabham
West End CrossFit Co-owner / Head Coach

Healthy food that tastes great! These meals are perfect for when my schedule is too busy to cook or when I don’t feel like cooking. My family favorites are the turkey burger and the pulled pork. You can tell that the owner takes pride in his food.

Lisa Tracey
West End CrossFit Member

Awesome food and great portion size. With a busy schedule and a newborn my wife and I were struggling to prepare food for ourselves while feeding our daughter and often defaulted to unhealthy fast food. Having these meals ready to go saves us time and hassle while allowing us to eat healthier.

Ricky Reams
CrossFit Pushin Weight Member

On non-workout days I can get a couple of meals out of the generous portions. I have tried almost all the OTM dishes and two thumbs up all around!!!

Kim Gower
West End CrossFit Member

Delicious, nutritious, and convenient. I’m so glad I don’t have to eat fast food or pizza or baseball concession stand food anymore! If you are a busy mom at sporting events 3-5 days a week, this is a life saver! My go-to has been the chicken breast, sweet potato mash, and any veggie side. SO GOOD! Thank you Mark!

Shannon Barber
West End CrossFit Member

Delicious, healthy food, perfect portions, nice variety! Awesome owner!

Julia Pinkham
Professional & Mother of Two

Tasty, healthy meals delivered on time! Macro information included on every menu so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. We rely on at least 2 dinners per week to make our lives easier when we work late. Love that turkey burger!

Liz King
West End CrossFit Member