Chicken Fajita Bowl


Macros : P44 C73 F7

Chipotle for the MACRO conscious! Hardwood grilled chicken breast with seasoned black beans, melted peppers and onions, and a raw tomato salad. Tastes so good, even your friends who don’t do CrossFit will be asking where you got it!

Blackened Salmon


Macros : P29 C5 F9

You spoke, Mark listened! Our newest item is a boneless fillet of salmon, blackened. The cajun spices play perfectly with the luxurious taste of salmon.

Grilled London Broil Steak


Macros : P50 C0 F8

Grilled over hardwood, seasoned with just salt and pepper and cooked to a gorgeous medium rare, this isn’t the London Broil you grew up with!

Organic Grilled Chicken Breast


Macros : P32 C0 F4

Perhaps the most popular choice for athletes around the world, our organic chicken is seasoned with salt and pepper and then the hardwood charcoal does the rest.

Organic Turkey Burger


Macros : P26 C0 F10

“Sneaky tasty” said a client who thought they could never like a turkey burger! Handmade, organic ground turkey patties with garlic, smoked paprika, and scallions elevate the turkey burger to new heights.

Herb Encrusted Pork Loin


Macros : P36 C0 F6

We slow roast our herb encrusted loins with a blend of ground coriander, fennel seed, and fresh rosemary—for when you want to get classy, but don’t have the time!

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork


Macros : P25 C0 F16

Mark’s been smoking pork over hardwood for as long as anyone can remember. So good, his daughter demanded it for her high school graduation. It rocks. Served dry, with BBQ sauce on the side (for this who don’t want the extra Macros).