Cloud Migration to achieve higher operational performance


Resolution Global helped a leading e-commerce SaaS provider achieve optimum workload and a centralized collaboration ecosystem with a smooth on-premise to cloud migration.

The client is a leading SaaS provider in the e-commerce domain, serving online merchants with a powerful solution for inventory management. The client wanted to cut back on the cost of maintaining a dedicated on-site server, enhance security and achieve higher scalability. After multiple meetings with the internal team and better understanding of their unique needs and business goals, we were authoritatively engaged with the client for migrating and optimizing their workload on the cloud.


  • Sensitive customer data, including their card numbers, needed to be secured and managed properly throughout the process to prevent breaches and hack-attacks.
  • A large amount of high-value data made it mandate to redefine the entire information architecture for easy segmentation and adoption, and to avoid future snags.
  • Lack of expertise on client’s part, including in monitoring usage patterns of resources and automated backups at predefined time periods.
  • Deciding on the best storage option that keeps the workload efficiency high and cost low, given how diverse the client’s needs and business scopes were.


After examining the portfolio and considering the workload requirement – along with an assessment of different departments, including technical, functional and compliance – we concluded Live AWS migration is the best-fit option for the client. We opted for Forklift Migration Strategy. In the initial stage, we determined the time the process would take to keep the disruption for customers at minimal. Following, we decided on the most suited tool for the migration that included, among few, Glacier command line interface and AWS Snowmobile. We settled on Amazon EBS, with a basic approach of picking all data from client’s on-premise system at once and then moving it to the cloud. After configuring and creating AMI, we ran several tests, did necessary optimization and monitoring, and explained the clients’ in-house team how to manage and troubleshoot the cloud server.

The Results

The client attained a higher level of efficiency, with their application recording 35 percent faster performance in as less as 15 days. There was an immediate reduction in the cost of their IT infrastructure maintenance and management. Their database achieved a higher level of security and the team got to have a much centralized and streamlined collaboration ecosystem that further pushed their productivity, helping the client realize a boost in revenue by 27 percent in the first quarter.