Enhanced IT Infrastructure Security to Achieve Optimal Database Protection


Resolution Global fixed and optimized security issues, loopholes and ineptitudes in the IT infrastructure of a popular location-based dating app through intensive auditing, restructuring security models, and implementing various system protocols.

The client has a very popular location-based dating mobile application that attracts thousands of young users every day. In its expansion phase, the client wanted to strengthen the security end of its IT infrastructure and rearrange its privacy policy to assure higher data protection for users. The team at Resolution Global engaged, assessed and examined the unique business model of the client, their distinct requirements, and their long-term goals. After getting on the same grounds with them, we moved on to access their on-premise IT infrastructure and work on its security.


The clients’ system had a very thin security layer with poor network design and ineffective firewall to brute force. To that, unorganized, the network was overcomplicated that risked a collapse and hack attacks. Their Operating System and Application patches were significantly outdated and showed signs of compromise due to inefficacy and unproficiency of the in-house professionals. Implementing new modules also chanced service disruptions that could potentially impact the client’s entire business negatively.


After auditing the client’s system and their entire IT infrastructure, the first step we took was to simplify their network and kill the unnecessary wireless communications that were putting the system in compromising position. We, then, built a superior firewall and put several mechanisms in place to monitor and control when circumventors are trying to breach into the system. Following, we redefined and restructured the multiple layers of security models, including perimeter defense, server protection, and host protection. Aside for these, we also established a standardized HR module, vendor access guidelines, and data access and encryption policies. In the last stage, after testing, the in-house IT team of the client went through training on awareness, policy enforcement, as well as on security management and troubleshooting.

The Results

  • The cost incurred by regular data breaches and ineffective security protocols got immediately cut down by 81 percent.
  • The revamped privacy and security policies helped the client score headlines on major publications, helping it achieve higher scalability and market trust.
  • Their operations and overall functioning got streamlined with the international privacy laws and data security compliances.
  • With better market goodwill, the daily average user growth rate of the app grew by significant 13.7 percent margin (measured up to 4 months).