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Redefining experience for mobile users

The number of mobile users isn’t stopping soon. Is your business all kicked up to leverage on this trend? Because if you’re looking for seamless business growth and sustainability, the handheld devices would come to play the biggest role, deciding on your fate.

Resolution Global is a highly reputed mobility solutions provider, offering custom-fit development and strategy-making services to help clients drive greater revenue. We cater businesses from diverse industries, transforming their ecosystem to adapt to the mobile-first world through superior quality products and approaches.

We have a large team of developers and UX optimization experts, fully adept to design, develop and deploy all types of mobile applications across devices and OS, including Android, Window, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian.

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Mobile Users Are The Easiest To Woo (…If You’ve Got The Right Application)

  • As one of the most trusted mobility services providers, we are committed to streamline our development process with the distinct needs and demands of different businesses. Having helped countless clients achieve their business goals with highly-functional and engaging mobile apps, you can bet on Resolution Global to deliver you a great product and unmatched experience.
  • Aside from the app development, we also offer a host of other services in the niche, including mobility management, and consultancy. We know how to incorporate the latest technologies and advanced framework to achieve the desired result in the most efficient and cost-effective ways.
  • So, regardless of the kind of mobile app you’re looking for – Android, iOS or Hybrid – take hands of Resolution Global. Our end-to-end mobility solution assures to cover you from every direction adequately. Now, reach out to mobile users through the best app and drive business. Quickly. Easily.

What We Offer


Just having a mobile app won’t exactly help your business. To effectively capitalize on the app-centric world, you need effective, data-driven strategies, in terms of development, framework, architecture, and implementation. Here, at Resolution Global, we help you do that.

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Security Management

Aside from the functionality, security is the most important aspect of your application. The users must be assured of their safety and data protection. With the right protocols and practices, we amplify your app on the security end, making it impenetrable to any threat and danger.

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App Development

We champion mobile application development. With an experienced in-house team who has years of in-hand experience, we promise to provide you with the most fitting, UX-optimized app that adequately suits your needs and business goals.

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Always keep your app in the best working condition — functioning smooth and well in sync with the latest market trends. Our experts ensure your application is performing optimally and delivering the highest possible usability.

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System Integration

Add to the functionality of your mobile app by integrating to it the right third-party solutions—in the right away. We help you integrate payment gateways, CMS, IoT devices, social media and more to enrich the operational end of your app for easy conversion.

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Always keep an eye on data and analytics. How your app is performing, what changes it requires, how it can better help you reach your business goals and more—our geeky monkeys will help you answer these question, providing the grounds to improve your conversion and revenue in a more definite way.

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