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Over the many years people will say to you that “you should write a book on that”
Well it is funny that people say that and many of us pass this off because we think that we have nothing to contribute to society in putting our experiences and words down in writing for others to ponder. On reflection of this happening to me for more times than I can count I thought that maybe the knowledge and experiences I have had may just hold some of the answers that some people are looking for in life and business.

This was the realisation that brought me to my book I have now been published in “THINK BIG”
The book features insights into some of Australia’s most amazing successful business minds. In contributing my chapter in this book I hope that readers may find some little gems that help them achieve more of their dreams and goals.

THINK BIG is #1 Best Seller after my first unpublished foray into writing came in 2010 when I put my mind to my first book that focused on the many aspects surrounding the liturgy of stories and mind games that people play when buying and selling property. “Property Leaks” was an accumulation of over fourteen years of experiences I encountered as a real estate sales person and owner of my own real estate firm. The book is a tell all unbiased perspective that encapsulates the no win situations professional sales person will encounter when dealing face to face in a sales environment when navigating the needs of a buyer who wants to pay less and a seller who always wants to sell for more.

I hope to share my experiences and knowledge in more books and with audience around the world so they can also find the opportunities that can allow them to either write their own story or capture some of their dreams

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