Create a subtle effect on the daily contacts with smarter and effective branding.


How It Works


Install app and register

Register within seconds by providing your phone number and other details

Create your audience

Allow BrandU to access your phone contacts
Initiate a campaign
Upload basic details like logo, image ad phrases and your website link.

Pay as you go

Pay only Rs 3,995 for about 10,000* ad views (limited offer) over about 1 month

Approve the creative and your ads go live

Approve the creative or request a change. Once the creative is approved, your ads are visible on Facebook and Instagram within 2 hours, to all your phone contacts

Amazing Features

  • Easy to use

    No digital marketing expertise is required for showing your ads online through our user friendly app.

  • Cost effective

    It takes only Rs 3995/- to show ads 10,000 times to all your contacts. Turns out cheaper than any other advertising medium.

  • Live Analytics

    You can see live data about how many times your ad was shown, how many people saw it and how much of the budget was spent.

  • Easy payment options

    You can pay online and choose from different options such as credit/debit cards, net banking etc.

Why Choose BrandU

If you are a business owner, lawyer, doctor, any independent professional, or a networker, you end up investing a lot of time on the phone interacting with clients, prospects, investors, partners, colleagues.Brand-U selectively brands you, your company or organization to all your contacts Whether it is a person you’ve spoken to recently or a contact who hasn’t answered your calls, they all will be able to see your ads in Facebook/Instagram.

Whenever your business contacts see your ads, they remember your business. Repeatedly showing them ads creates a lasting impression and increases your chances of getting a sales conversion.

Your contacts view the ads repeatedly and talk about it amongst themselves or their other peers. This provided a word of mouth publicity for your business with minimal effort.


Pricing Table




  • Unlimited Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles




  • Unlimited Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles

Happy customers

This app is very fast, it helped me connect with my customers even while I am travelling, the responses are prompt and the service top class. Be it smartphone,tablet or desktop it works effectively everywhere.

Maria Murph

It helped me in streamlining my work, my staffs have turned more efficient and every details could be easily tracked through it. It’s works like a magic app for me, getting me connected with my employees in all other devices.

Sam Taylor

It is very convenient  and responsive, Brand-U helps search our desired brand anywhere, anytime without any hassle. It helps me notify about popular brands with great discounts.

Laura Grey

With Brand- U, I could easily create programs on my phone, the entire experience of online coaching became interesting, it is very quick. Earlier building workout program from an app on my phone was very frustrating.

Mark Smith

Fitness Trainer

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