There can be 3 Milestones in the Planning Phase. We can work on all the Milestones or only one of them.
1. What to Build : First is to decide what type of hospital to be build. It can be a Multi- Speciality, Super Speciality, Single Speciality (eye, Cardiac) hospital. What size of hospital, which generally is described in bed strength: 50, 100, 200 + beds. Generally, it is ideal to build a minimum 100 bed facility with a planned scope of expansion further to 200 – 400 beds. Demand, Catchment, Service study: to understand existing healthcare infrastructure and price points, will answer most of the questions in first phase and help to focus further in Operations and Marketing Strategy. Our Specialist Team for planning can work closely to do the survey and guide to take decision based on data gathered on field. General thumb rules required to take decisions on the Investment required for a Hospital.

    • Hospital Build up size : 400 – 500 sq ft per bed. Smaller Capacity hospital will have higher per bed space requirement, as common departments like diagnostics Pharmacy etc will be better amortised over larger bed strength.
    • Cost of Construction: 1800 Rs Sq Ft for a 2 star facility + Equipment cost.
    • Total Cost estimates for a 200 bed Super Speciality Hospital will be around 25 Lakhs per bed (without radiation oncology) + Land cost.
    • Land Requirement : Typically a 200 bed hospital will require 200 x 500 sq ft = 1 Lakh sq ft of Build up area. With a scope to add further 100 beds, ie 50000 Sq ft we should plan for 1.5 Lakh sq ft build up space. Most of the Towns allow an FAR/ FSI or 2, that means you can build 2 times of land area, hence if you are planning for 300 bed hospital, you will require 75000 sqft of Land, and hence for a 100+ 50 bed facility around 36000 sqft.

Fees for this Phase, Milestone is 0.5% of the project cost.

2. Hospital Space planning, Architectural Drawings & Equipment Plan: Once we know what all services we plan to offer in our hospital and a suitable land is finalised for the project, Architectural Plans are drawn. Hospital Architecture is a specialist field. We have to plan on flow of Patient, Staff and Material. Generally, 4 different entry flows are planned Fees for this Phase, Milestone is 0.5% of the project cost.

  • Outpatient/ Day care Patient entry
  • Emergency Patient Entry
  • Staff and Material Entry.
  • IPD Visitors Entry (can be merged with first One) to reduce Security staff requirement.

Various Space requirements in a hospital can be further seen in the Hospital Infra Section.

Architectural and working drawings prepared are following

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Sanction/ Approval Drawings
  • Structural Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • HVAC Drawings
  • Plumbing and Waste water drawings.
  • Stile and Landscape Drawings
  • Medical Gas, Communication (telephone) , CCTV and others
  • Firefighting systems Drawings.
  • Furniture and Interior Decoration Drawings.
  • Façade Drawings

Some Major Equipment Plan need to be finalized at this stage as they may require specific space, utility and legal requirements.

Fees for this Phase, Milestone is 1% of the project cost.

3. Schedule of Finish & BOQ: Various aspects related to quality of material to be used in building is decided, some of them are, What type of Flooring (vitrified tiles, wooden, marble, vinyl), what type of walls (brick, AAC, Dry wall), What type of false ceiling (POP, 2x 2 grid, Aluminium etc), what type of Door and window (aluminium, wood, UPVC). Schedule of finish will detail out the cost of building. Our team will guide through the process and help make decision. What type of material to be put in construction will have cost , maintenance and Looks implication and pros and cons of each selection will help you take right decision.
BOQ : Bill of Quantity (specification and Quantity) is prepared, this will help in the tendering process and monitor Quality aspects during construction. A Detail BOQ will hep the contractor to quote specific rates and this details brings the over all cost of the project by 5 %. A very Simple Example of BOQ can be Quantity of RCC say M 25 required in CUM.
Fees for this Phase, Milestone is 0.5% of the project cost.