Directors Profile:

Steve Marskell

Steve founded the Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Group of Companies in 2010 and has committed all his energies and resources to continually improve the quality of a product that has disrupted and revolutionised the construction industry. Under Steve’s guidance MgO Corp has attracted industry interest from around the world and now has various levels of representation in over 20 countries and is expanding, but the journey hasn’t been an easy one. There were financial hurdles, attacks from established industry players that had to be fought and won, and complex government regulations to meet. Steve’s multi-faceted business experience, determination and skills has helped him to overcome every challenge along the way. Steve has navigated the building industry for more than 30 years, doing everything from labouring, real estate, hotel design, reverse engineering, project management and finance. With a good mix of a “get it done” attitude and an entrepreneurial mindset he succeeded at everything he turned his hands and mind to. His work ethics and skills have been utilised by clients, that included major hotel chains and development groups such as the Sheraton, Hilton, Ramada, Best Western, Wyndham Group, PRD, Ray White, Lend Lease, BuildCorp, Innova Eco Buildings, Energro Energy and others, and over the years he received more than a hundred awards from his peers in the real estate industry. Steve has spoken at global industry conferences in America, New Zealand, Guatemala, United Kingdom and UAE on varied key topics surrounding the challenges we face with global change. Today, Steve is well known as the leading expert in his field specialising in healthier, safer and more sustainable building products, with a vision and passion for making a difference to our global building and construction industry.

Introduction to MgO Corp

Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation P/L (MgO Corp) is a family owned and operated business based on the Sunshine Coast with distribution globally which was established in July 2011. After 2 years of investigating the potential to develop a high level professional skill-based organisation that is 100% committed and focused on the evolution of a high performance core-based suite of eco environmentally sustainable building products unique to the magnesium oxide board sheathings industry.

MgO Corps entry into the building and construction materials market place was taken early when MgO Corp became the first company in Australia and New Zealand to achieve government legislated approval for the complete range of MgO Corp Board ResCom® building products under CodeMark Conformity Approval.

Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation has at all times over the past 9 years assured our ResCom® products, goods and services have met and exceeded both the Performance and Dts provisions of the National Construction Code and our company will continue to do so in accordance with Clause A2.2 (a)(v) of the National Construction Code Volume One Building Code of Australia 2016 Amendment 1.

Under the requirements of the NCC Volume 1 Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation commissioned the services of an independent registered professional engineering firm to carry out a full audit and evaluation of ResCom Magnesia Cement Boards testing reports and installation documentation to that of the performance and Dts requirements of the National Construction Code 2016.

To this Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation has been issued an Engineering Evaluation Certificate #6405I01R00D01 confirming compliance under the NCC to the fit for purpose application and use of our ResCom® board in building and construction.

Today MgO Corps ResCom® Building products are an exclusively new patented and innovative material that is revolutionizing residential and commercial building sectors around the world with award winning projects completed in Australia, New Zealand and America and thousands of projects finished throughout over twenty countries.

ResCom® products can be used in multiple applications effectively around your home or business removing the need for multiple layers of traditional products.

A key component of ResCom® boards is the use of high grade Magnesite which is known to be a very reliable and healthy material. This makes ResCom® products an excellent product for use in multiple building uses.

ResCom® products have been extensively tested and registered in America to have EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials Compliance under California Department of Health (CDPH) Standards Method v1.1-2010 using private office exposure scenario TVOC concentration level of   Listed online at

The major features of Magnesium Oxide are fire resistance, moisture resistance, mold and mildew resistance, and strength. Magnesium Oxide is a refractory material, which means it is physically and chemically stable at elevated temperatures.

This gives our boards freeze/thaw stability. This provides the fire resistance in our boards. There is no organic material in our boards. This makes them mold, fungus, and insect proof.

The properties of our proprietary patented formulation and compounds, along with the proper curing process attributes to the strength and performances of ResCom® products that well exceed that of the traditional FC, Drywall, OSB and Flat Sheet products.

We hope for your next projects you allow us the time to discuss with you the amazing benefits that come with the correct design specification and use of MgO Corps high performance engineered ResCom Building products.

Remember: Not All MgO Products Are The Same. Only Specify and Use Independently Tested and Certified Compliant Products at All Times.