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The Trapped Traders® Advanced

Concepts Live Training Course

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Class is on July 16, 2016

Mark Chapman, the Inventor of the Trapped Traders® method, is now accepting reservations to his new "Advanced Concepts" LIVE Training Course.

In it, he will share some of his most advanced strategies about leveraging the losing psychology of other traders and profiting from their predictable mistakes.

"Mark, your approach is UNBELIEVABLE! I grew $10,000 to $25,500 in only 5 weeks! The Trapped Trader's concept is so brilliant it deserves a Noble prize" - WP

This five module video course covers everything you need to know about:

     1. Trading Probability
     2. Trading Psychology
     3. Trading Traps
     4. Fundamental & Sentiment Analysis
     5. Trade Management

Lex van Dam, the famous Hedge fund manager and creator of the BBC TV Show "Million Dollar Traders," has this to say about Mark's incredible discovery:

"What I like about Mark's Trapped Traders is that it really does bring the charts to life by helping you understand the psychology behind the price action. You will be able to understand the pain underlying some price movements and discover how to go about making money when others around you are losing fortunes!"

This is a limited-quantity offer. Reserve your seat now before the price goes up. Just $497!
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"Mark helped me to turn, from being a complete hopeless trader who couldn't`brake even, into a profitable trader." - Dave

"Joining Mark and embracing Trapped Trading has been one of the best decisions I've ever made." - Leon

"Best month ever in all my years of trading!" - Chris

"My trading has improved tenfold and I am more relaxed when entering and during a trade as I follow the process." - AW

"One of the best teachers ever!" - Daniel

"The trap strategy and all of Mark's teachings have been the difference between giving up trading after so much time, effort and money lost, to being able to trade confidently, profitably and even comfortably." - Emmanuel

"Above the fact that his information is top quality, Mark is an absolute gentlemen to work with and truly cares about his students performance and success which is truly rare in the world of so called "mentors" who, quite frankly, are an insult to the title." - Tarik