We believe that an organization needs to look beyond its financial bottom-line to build sustainable communities, which iswhy we try to do our bit through our CSR activities. Our such activities encompass the all round – environmental, social and economic benefits that we try to pass on to all of our stake holders, customers and the local community.

We have been conducting healthcare camps for the masses within and outside Kolkata since our inception. Though we have our set tests for a medical camp, we often tailor the tests comprising our ‘medical-camp-package’ according to the requirements of the beneficiaries. The package is formulated so as to cover bare minimum essential parameters relating to one’s health. Such camps are done on any day of mutual convenience. The usual attendance in any of our camps is 120 to 150. We start early at 0700 hours and continue till all the beneficiaries are attended to. The rates are highly subsidized vis-à-vis our general rates. These medical camps are a part of our long standing and continual commitment towards society supporting our constant endeavor to create health awareness among masses in remote areas. We also conduct these camps within apartment buildings, local slums, panchayat areas, within schools, in association with Lions Club, Rotary Club etc.

Blood donation camps are regularly arranged in association with various social welfare organizations and NGOs. We partner with Thalassemia Society and Children International in their noble initiatives.

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